Our Approach

The Birkdale Civic Society aims to be a watchdog of all matters relating to Birkdale and to bring the local community together in order to improve the character, and assist in providing facilities, that would benefit Birkdale for both residents and visitors alike.

Our Story

Founded in 1982, the Birkdale Civic Society was developeFounded in 1982 by Ralph Gregson, the Birkdale Civic Society initially formed as a result of the public outcry to replace a large number of trees which had been removed from the Birkdale Area Realising that there was a need for a formal non-political group who could oversee the protection of the local heritage, and act as a watchdog for the interests of the local residents, the Birkdale Civic Society was formed. Over the 37 years the Civic Society has ran, the organisation has been responsible for the development of a number of key local attractions such as the refurbishment of the Round Hill in Hillside, the annual planting of Birkdale Village and Abbey Gardens, and annual best kept garden competitions. Most notably, in recognition of the Queens Jubilee, the Birkdale Civic Society developed the Queens Jubilee Trail, for which they received a medal at Saint James’ Palace. Additionally, the regeneration of Rotten Row first began with the society in 2010, and has proven to be a huge success receiving many awards for its horticultural beauty.

Since the beginning, it has been the aim of the society to protect the Birkdale area, and to ensure that the historical importance of the area be recognised in future planning. The society provided guidance and advice to local planning departments, and were responsible for the conservation of a number of historical cottages within the Birkdale area. As well as this, a number of exhibitions were held, were members of the community could view historical documents and photographs of Birkdale which were previously in archive. The society are looking for enthusiastic members of the community to join their ranks, and get on board with a number of upcoming activities within the area, as well as to learn more about the area and contribute to the conservation of Birkdale’s heritage.

Next Steps…

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